Welcome - Välkommen

Welcome - Välkommen

Hello and Welcome, or as we say in Sweden, Välkommen! 

We are Marie and Tom, a Swedish/US couple, who have been making handcrafted jewelry for 20 years. After selling mainly on Etsy for some time, we finally got this website up and running. It's been a while since we had a standalone website, and we are very excited to be here again. 

The last couple of years have certainly been filled with challenges for most of us. The pandemic, neck surgery, and the loss of very loved four-legged family members have made it difficult for our family. We keep going, just like you all do out there with your life challenges. 

For those of you who are new to us you should know that we love animals (hence the image). That will become very clear once you get to know us ❤ We support animal rescue groups, and we also cheer on our fantastic customers who rescue. At home we have quite a few rescues ourselves. #adoptdontshop (had to get that tag in there, yep!)

We care about our planet, which means we source our materials carefully, and we ship orders plastic free. We strive to be better environmentally with how we run the company. Sustainability is key.

During Birka Scandinavian's 20 years we have built loyal and long-lasting relationships with our customers that we are so very grateful for. Because we are a small, family based business we care about you and your happiness and satisfaction with what we make.

Please be sure we to follow us on social media and check in on our blog for news and updates.

So, here we go, thanks for stopping by and take kind care ❤ Be safe & well.


- Marie xo








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