Jewelry Care

If you love sterling silver jewelry as much as we do, we know you want to care for it to keep it beautiful and avoid tarnishing. Strong chemicals, chlorine, sulfur, perspiration and sweat, lotions, beauty- and hair products, and harsh sunlight can tarnish and dull your jewelry. They key is to be preventative.

  • Clean it with mild dish liquid and warm water. Make sure to dry it off afterwards. Water can contain all kinds of chemicals which can tarnish your silver jewelry.
  • When you don't wear your jewelry keep each piece separated in zip-lock bags or soft pouches. Jewelry can scratch and tarnish being bundled up.
  • You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth to brighten your jewelry up.

It's best to take your jewelry off in these situations when you:

  • Are in any contact with chemicals or cleaning agents.
  • Take a shower, are in hot tubs, swim in pools, lakes, or oceans. 
  • Are in a sauna.
  • Prepare (or eat) foods that contain sulfur such as eggs, or mayonnaise (go vegan, yeah!).
  • Do messy and dirty work such as gardening, or working with clay for instance.
  • Are sun bathing or being active on hot days.

There are many ways to clean your jewelry without using chemicals. You can care for your jewelry and be kind to the planet.